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Welcome to NCAA Photos

Rich Clarkson and Associates LLC have established a new marketing partnership with Thought Equity for a wider distribution of NCAA Photos created since 1994, both in this country and abroad. NCAA Photos will continue to supply photos to the NCAA and all the member schools as they have done for the past 15 past years.  Thought Equity will then market the pictures for commercial or editorial use in the United States and abroad under the provisions of the agreement. Display print sales are handled by the NCAA Photo Store managed by Replay Photos.

NCAA Photos continues to market and sell for all uses their exclusive collection of Men's Division I Basketball Final Four images prior to 1994.

If you are a interested in obtaining images for NCAA member institution and university athletic department use, please see this information.

The Clarkson group created NCAA Photos to provide original photography for all 88 national championships and have produced exhibitions, books and website programming for the NCAA since 1994. Prior to that contractural agreement, NCAA Photos provided many services to the organization including four coffee-table books and exhibits in the Hall of Champions.

NCAA Photos is a full service assignment and stock photography company managed by Rich Clarkson and Associates, LLC. Please email with any questions. If you are a freelance photographer interested in working with NCAA Photos please see our Photographer Information.